About Us.

At Hamilton Park, we firmly 
believe that people shouldn’t
 have to compromise their 
standards as they grow older.
Rather, they should be able
to enjoy a lovely homely 
enhanced environment 
and the security and peace 
of mind that a continuum 
of care provides. Our unique 
holistic approach, 
encouragement and focused care to our clients is our ultimate goal. Also to lead 
as full a life as possible in our facility and motivation of our highly skilled workers for
clients to participate in activities of daily living.

Launching of Hamilton Park 2007

The Official Opening of Hamilton Park Care Facility, occurred on Friday 26th Sept 2007 and was opened by Minister for Health & Children, Ms. Mary Harney. Ms. Harney, escorted by T.D James Reilly, Chief Executive David Pratt, Director of Nursing Ms. Deborah Lynch and Asst. Director of Nursing , Ms. Angela Moran visited all of the residents, and allowed ample time to speak with all.

Ms. Harney was then presented with a poem written by one of the residents, Conor Carroll and also received a painting of Balbriggan Harbour, by well known artist Irma Mullaney.


Philosophy of Care

Hamilton Park believes that each and every Resident has the right to tender loving care 
and to receive the best possible quality of nursing care. As a result the home has
 adopted the following philosophy throughout its quality procedures. Every resident 
has the right to the best possible nursing care, regardless of age, sex, religion
 or ethnic origin. Every resident has the right to participate in the planning and
 implementation of their care. Every resident is encouraged to retain as much 
independence as possible to enhance their self respect. Every resident is encouraged
 to “personalise” their room. Family and friends are given the opportunity to participate 
in the care of loved ones. The home maintains a homely, relaxed, therapeutic, 
atmosphere, which supports the delivery of professional care standards. The home
 offers as much advice and support as requested or needed from families and friends 
of our residents.

Dignity, fulfilment and individuality are just three of the essential elements dedicated to nursing care and philosophy of Hamilton Park.