In Hamilton Park, we provide ‘Person Centered care’. It’s about really getting to know the resident and their history: their likes, dislikes, what makes them happy or sad, what their physical needs and preferences are. We want to know what they did before they came to live with us just as much as we want to know how they’d like to live now. It’s only with that understanding that we can ensure every resident is able to live a fulfilled, meaningful and happy life. We create a ‘Life Story’ which details their life prior to coming to live with us and states how they wish to live their life. So if it’s important to someone to listen to RTE 1 every morning, or carry on a love of gardening, baking or music, or continue to go to a weekly coffee morning, or help with domestic tasks, it’s all recorded there. Wherever possible, we want residents to carry on with the day-to-day activities they’ve enjoyed all their lives. Person centered planning may be defined as a way of discovering how a person wants to live their life and what is required to make that possible. How do we do it? First, each resident is allocated a key nurse who will be their main contact for everyday care delivery. The key nurse works with the resident in completing a ‘care plan’ which is an agreement between the resident, family and the nurse to guide the care of the resident within the home. We believe our person centered care approach builds stronger relationships between residents, staff, relatives, friends and visitors to the home.

“We value people and our relationship with them as our greatest asset”