We understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to move into full-time care – a decision that can be harder for both resident and family when the person is living with dementia. Our commitment is to support every resident in leading an active, fulfilled and happy life.

Our dementia care offer a safe, secure environment. Our teams are highly trained and deliver a high standard of dementia care, building a relationship to meet the individual needs of each person. Our dementia care team is therefore able to understand the whole person – their needs, requirements and feelings – and provide genuine care accordingly. We encourage residents to maintain familiar routines and activities so that life has meaning.

Our relationship-centred care approach is key to our care of those experiencing a form of dementia. If a resident can’t articulate their wishes, likes and dislikes, getting to know their background, with the help of their family, is essential in tailoring care to their needs. We understand that individuals are unique. We are each shaped by a lifetime of individual experiences in careers, family, hobbies and relationships.

We believe it is a privilege to take care of your loved ones and we are honoured when you choose us to provide this specialist care.

“We respect the dignity of the human spirit and acknowledge 
the contribution that each and every person can make”